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My Favourite Car

One day, a mechanic planned to construct an amazing car, a car that could make him a real car builder from a mechanic and make him famous. He scratched his brain for ideas. Drooling all his intelligence and creativity, he had the design of his dream car on a paper. Knowing clearly, he got to work hard as the design of the car was very complicated and innovative. With months of persistent labour, the idea turned into a beautiful car model. It was as beautiful as his vivid dream. Once the design got approved with few tweaks here and there, it went on the manufacturing line. Next step was testing it, which came back with astonishing results. The mechanic squealed in pure happiness when he noticed it’s speed …320 miles an hour !! Faster than the fastest Bugatti Chiron Super Sport !!
I did it !! He jumped with a red flush on his face. His hard work has paid off. Everyone was proud of his invention , so was he. Now he was not just a mechanic anymore but a car maker.

Finally the car was built and it was ready to sell in market. He named his dream car Lotus Evija , the most awesome, sleek and aggressively speedy car of this generation .It was first electric hyper-car to come in the market . Lotus Evija soon became a dream car for millions of cool car enthusiasts. Even young kids like me wrote letters to Lotus to reserve one Lotus Evijaht so that they can drive one once eighteen. One dream weaver weaves it not only for himself but for many more dreamers like him.

Sumer Mundi

Sumer Mundi is a budding young writer who loved to plant the seeds of his unique and refreshing thoughts, idea and stories on paper from a very tender age of 6.He captured stories that sprouted from his innocent imagination, logged some fun moments in the form of diary entries and voiced some logical thoughts on the topics of his interest such as football,travel and food.This blog is his dream and passion to compile it all and take his readers along on this beautiful journey of his personal and creative growth.It’s a powerful time capsule of a very loving, kindest ,compassionate and creative boy…who is 9 years old currently. Some of his writings included here are written by him when he was 6-7 year old as well as recent ones.

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