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The brave Fairy

Once upon a time there was a brave, compassionate and pulchritudinous fairy. The rose cheeked fairy always wore a shiny pink dress with her long lustrous hair. She loved playing with kids, who sometimes visited her island just to explore this alluring piece of land.The fairy lived on an island made of dark chocolate cake and fortunate to own a delicious house. Most of her day went into eating her own house and then rebuilding it.

One day she thought of exploring the other side of the island.As it seemed like a distant land, she knew it involves a long excursion on a desolate road . The idea seemed daunting but being brave, she was up for the challenge.

So early in the morning, She ate a huge chunk of her chocolate table and set off on her long excursion. She hoped to reach the other side of the island before dusk. Ecstatic to explore the distant land, the Fairy envisioned to find different flavours of cakes and new friends. Though she already possess exclusive magical powers but there is a possibility of finding new powers ,she thought. Engrossed in her thoughts, she kept walking, jumping and flying in between covering miles of distance.

She decided to take a little break in a bewitching garden covered with black wild flowers and red light spouting bees. Still wondering what kind of place is it ! She heard loud screams of a child. Baffled in shock, she quickly glanced in the direction of that sound. Her eyes met with a trapped kid in a cage guarded by an evil witch. The witch wore a black jacket ,a black pant and long black nails and laughed hysterically. The kid, nearly ten year old blue eyed boy looked distressed in torn clothes. The witch wanted to take his eyes out to create a poisonous satan potion. The boy pleaded the fairy to rescue him quickly.

The fairy immediately warned the witch to back off or face the fairy’s magical wrath. The witch shrieked throwing flying fire pits on fairy one after another .The fairy flew in loop , then landed a strong kick on the wrinkly witch face.When the witch regained a little sense and looked around.She couldn’t find the fairy because the fairy got her invisibility powers on. Soon the witch could only see the kid flying through the trees as if someone was carrying him in arms. The witch cried in frustration and gave up . She felt helpless in front of brave fairy’s invisibility powers.

The rescued boy hugged the fairy with teary eyes.He requested her to take him along on her exciting journey. After a long walk , they managed to reach the other side of the island in few days. Since they spend so much time together on the journey and shared their stories , both of them became really good friends. On this side of the beautiful lush green island, they found tremendous amount of cakes in all different flavours. They enjoyed eating cakes, playing games. The brave fairy found all she hoped for. The fairy and her new friend were having such a jamboree time on the island that they decided to live here forever. They helped each other build pretty little cake homes .Since then they lived like really good friends and neighbours.They had many more adventures together and enjoyed life.

Sumer Mundi

Sumer Mundi is a budding young writer who loved to plant the seeds of his unique and refreshing thoughts, idea and stories on paper from a very tender age of 6.He captured stories that sprouted from his innocent imagination, logged some fun moments in the form of diary entries and voiced some logical thoughts on the topics of his interest such as football,travel and food.This blog is his dream and passion to compile it all and take his readers along on this beautiful journey of his personal and creative growth.It’s a powerful time capsule of a very loving, kindest ,compassionate and creative boy…who is 9 years old currently. Some of his writings included here are written by him when he was 6-7 year old as well as recent ones.

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