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The Thankful Man

Once there was a remote village surrounded by snowy mountains. The village had a magnificently clean river flowing through it. It had very narrow roads and big houses. Animal carts barely had enough space to pass through the streets so dog sledding was the only mean of transportation through local streets.The wooden houses in the village looked quite retro yet environment friendly. In one such big house lived a man named James. James loved playing with his pet Jack the tiger. James himself was a dark skinned, young and fit man. He was known as a kind, pleasant and an adventurous mountain climber in his village. His pet Jack the tiger was a strong Siberian tiger.
Once Jack fought a lynx in the mountains for food. During the fight Jack got so injured and was left in the woods with no food for days. After two days of having no food and with injury pains, he started feeling unconscious. This was the moment when James found him. James noticed that the tiger needed immediate help. Being a compassionate animal lover, James took him to a vet and then his home for after care. With James love and care , Jack soon got better soon .Touched deeply with his master’s love and care,he offered James to become his pet forever and enjoy the adventures of the mountains together.

One cold icy morning James was getting bored at home so he decided to go for mountain climbing. He hoped to make it to the top of the mountain this time before dusk. He took his mountaineering gear and started climbing up very adroitly . James was doing really well and reached nearly to the top of it. Before he could take his last step up ,a big blow of wind shook his whole body soon he lost grip on his hanger that was holding him up in the snow. In spite of his frantic attempts to get stability back,he slipped and had a fatal free fall from the top. His ears heard a thud and his body felt numb,he tried moving his legs but he couldn’t bear the pain. Both of his legs were broken as he fell from a height of nearly 15 meters.After yelling in pain for hours, his body got so tired and desensitised with the cold that he fell asleep.Luckily no animal knew that a human body was a lying around otherwise he could have been eaten by now.

Three hours later, James gained consciousness again. He gathered all his strength and tried to move. Since he noticed first signs of frostbite on his body and his unbearable pain due to broken bones needed immediate help. James started yelling and yelping for help.On the other side, Jack who was still at home started feeling worried for James since he didn’t return home before dusk as promised. Jack decided to go out and look for him in the mountains. Skeptical which mountain James must have chosen for mountaineering today, James roared in all directions .Finally he reached in the highest mountain area.Following the loudest roar for James, he heard a bleak yelp for help. It soundes like James, he thought and ran to the direction of that sound.Looking at James gave him a sense of relief as well as shock. Assuring James that nothing will happen to him , Jack quickly encouraged him to gather all his strength  and roll over onto his back. Jack reached home exhausted carrying James on his back. Soon villagers noticed this amazing sight of Jack’s love,care and bravery. Jack was continuously roaring asking people to call an ambulance. Within 15 minutes of a call on 888, the ambulance and a team of doctors arrived.

James received treatment on time luckily.After two months of plastering on his legs, it was the day of his discharge. Jack still on his bedside was so excited.They both were already planning for their next mountaineering and hunting adventures.As they stepped out of the hospital, James opened his arms and gave Jack a big cuddle . Jack said, “Let’s go home my strong man”. James laughed and said, “I am a thankful man Jack saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my life”. Jack leaped up and put his front legs around James neck and cuddled him back.

Sumer Mundi

Sumer Mundi is a budding young writer who loved to plant the seeds of his unique and refreshing thoughts, idea and stories on paper from a very tender age of 6.He captured stories that sprouted from his innocent imagination, logged some fun moments in the form of diary entries and voiced some logical thoughts on the topics of his interest such as football,travel and food.This blog is his dream and passion to compile it all and take his readers along on this beautiful journey of his personal and creative growth.It’s a powerful time capsule of a very loving, kindest ,compassionate and creative boy…who is 9 years old currently. Some of his writings included here are written by him when he was 6-7 year old as well as recent ones.

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